Blue Tree

Blue Tree are Andrew Paine and long-time friend and collaborator, Matthew Shaw (Tex La Homa). The core of their music employs theosophical thinking & games of chance.

The Blue Tree

The Blue Tree

The Blue Tree was recorded in 2009 and released on Blackest Rainbow in an edition of 100 CDR. SOLD OUT

The album is available FREE at


Manolaya was released in 2011, on Susan Matthews Sirenwire label, in a limited hand numbered edition of 50 CDR with full colour, hand made card sleeve.

The Blue Tree – Manolaya

Manolaya is available as a FREE download at

Dark Moon: Burn / Shine

‘Under the influence of the first quarter moon, March 2015, the Blue Tree (Matthew Shaw & Andrew Paine), immersed themselves within a darkened room, encircled by freak show paraphernalia and hammer house taxidermy. Drawing from the energy of Pleicides – while channeling fragmented LW radio signals, corrupting analog loops, cutting up poetry and riding on the crest of technically obsolete equipment – Dark Moon: Burn / Shine was conceived, to a deep Taurean groove.’

The Blue Tree – Dark Moon: Burn / Shine

In 2015, The Blue Tree performed an entirely improvised set at the Sonic Imperfections night at the Montague Arms, New Cross Gate.

The set was recorded by Nigel Bryant and so delighted Andrew and Matthew, they decided to approach Susan Matthews, who subsequently released it as ‘Dark Moon: Burn Shine’ on her impressive Sirenwire imprint, in a limited edition of 50 CDR. (SOLD OUT)

Unavailable since 2016… you can stream the full performance here

The Blue Tree – English Heretic AGM

English Heretic AGM feat. The Blue Tree

“The Blue Tree get the money shot playing in front of the Solomonic triptych. Two tracks of psychedelic landscapes, Matt reads from T.C. Lethbridge, constructs loops from guitar and voice, with Andrew delivering a controlled electronic bleed. It’s a shortwave broadcast from a megalith interfering with the pastoral of an imaginatively recovered radio 4 documentary. The work is always subtle, carefully crafted and well informed by esoteric interests.”

The Blue Tree – English Heretic AGM


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