Rainbow Nothing 3

New virtual ‘7 inch’ from Rainbow Nothing lands on the last ‘Bandcamp Friday’ of 2021. The A-Side is a dark piece with spoken word, imagine Richard Harris meeting Shadow Ring in a bad-trip-Sabbath doom-scape (with special guest The Domestiques Kevin McCarvel on fuzz bass!) The B-Side is some blissed-out acoustic porch-pickins’ from Steve krakow akaContinue reading “Rainbow Nothing 3”

The Blue Tree – Fell

The Blue Tree is a collaborative project between Andrew Paine & Matthew Shaw. Their first three albums have been described as experimental excursions into far off plains of weirded out sunny summer psyche made with apps, FX pedals, sticky tape and glue. ‘Fell’ is a different beast; recorded in Glasgow and Christchurch under lockdown conditions.Continue reading “The Blue Tree – Fell”

Haus Of Paine

Haus Of Paine is a monthly ‘radio’ show starting on the 17th August featuring a smorgasbord of SW Radio cuts, curate’s eggs, obscure 7″, spoken word, glam stomps, jazz squonk, prog madness and concepts that will blow your mind.  You can find the show at this link http://listen.camp


Delighted to announce the debut from Rainbow Nothing…  “A new cross-continental sonic experiment/alliance helmed by Glaswegian Andrew Paine (Richard Youngs / The Flexibles, Blue Tree, The Domestiques, Grainer) and Chicagoan Steven Krakow (PCWSyndicate, Spiral Galaxy). Fist-pumping drone and inner sensory exploration in electrically charged sequences and pattern.” https://pcwsyndicate.bandcamp.com/album/rainbow-nothing-single?fbclid=IwAR2Ey8_VajLhQwYpEEh0sozOVsN6Jip3Qfla_LWeh3Fwb9Pu8HT_ziHjsUM


‘Rainbow Nothing’ whip up dark electric soundscapes, which act as a soothing balm for the sores of the world. With Plastic Crimewave on ‘treated’ guitar and Andrew Paine delivering ‘electronics’, their primordial debut ‘Rainbow Nothing’ is now available on ‘Building A Better Reality : A Benefit Compilation’ – all proceeds going to NAACP Legal DefenseContinue reading “RAINBOW NOTHING”


new shows every week on www.mixcloud.com/GlobalPsychedelia & globalpsychedelia.podbean.com

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