Rainbow Nothing 3

New virtual ‘7 inch’ from Rainbow Nothing lands on the last ‘Bandcamp Friday’ of 2021. The A-Side is a dark piece with spoken word, imagine Richard Harris meeting Shadow Ring in a bad-trip-Sabbath doom-scape (with special guest The Domestiques Kevin McCarvel on fuzz bass!) The B-Side is some blissed-out acoustic porch-pickins’ from Steve krakow akaContinue reading “Rainbow Nothing 3”

Rainbow Nothing 2

Steven Krakow aka Plastic Crimewave and Andrew Paine release the second ‘Rainbow Nothing’ project on 7th August 2020. Andrew Paine: Electric Guitars, Ebow, Bass Guitar, Synth Pads & Vocals Steve Krakow: Treated Guitars, Keys. https://pcwsyndicate.bandcamp.com/album/2 Echoes of Fripp and Hillage with just a sprinkling of Hergest Ridge era Oldfield.


Delighted to announce the debut from Rainbow Nothing…  “A new cross-continental sonic experiment/alliance helmed by Glaswegian Andrew Paine (Richard Youngs / The Flexibles, Blue Tree, The Domestiques, Grainer) and Chicagoan Steven Krakow (PCWSyndicate, Spiral Galaxy). Fist-pumping drone and inner sensory exploration in electrically charged sequences and pattern.” https://pcwsyndicate.bandcamp.com/album/rainbow-nothing-single?fbclid=IwAR2Ey8_VajLhQwYpEEh0sozOVsN6Jip3Qfla_LWeh3Fwb9Pu8HT_ziHjsUM


‘Rainbow Nothing’ whip up dark electric soundscapes, which act as a soothing balm for the sores of the world. With Plastic Crimewave on ‘treated’ guitar and Andrew Paine delivering ‘electronics’, their primordial debut ‘Rainbow Nothing’ is now available on ‘Building A Better Reality : A Benefit Compilation’ – all proceeds going to NAACP Legal DefenseContinue reading “RAINBOW NOTHING”


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