Grainer – DIS/MAYHEM

DIS/MAYHEM released June 5th… taking pre-orders now


Grainer (Andrew Paine & Jordan MacRae)
Photo by Frances McKee

Stuck on the losing side of a chance operation, Grainer was conceived during a late night train ride to Glasgow. 

Grainer are Andrew Paine & Jordan MacRae.

Determining to combine the angelic forces of field recordings and found sounds, Grainer set about blending tape, radio and four four kicks, to a dark ambient groove. 

Grainer will be releasing their first album on Dave Barker’s Glass imprint, Glass Miniatures, on June 5th 2020.

Pre-orders here

Andrew Paine – Whole Day Falling

“I woke up this mornin’ 
got the lockdown blues”

A ten minute lamentation on the flatness of the day.

Andrew Paine – Guitar, Piano, Strings, Radio, Electronics

released April 30, 2020


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