The Paine Full Years

The Paine Full Years explores the music which has shaped the first 58 years of Andrew Paine’s life

Episode 1 1963 – 1965

Episode 2 1966 – 1968

Episode 3 1969 – 1971

Features deep cuts from the world of jazz, folk, avant-garde, progressive rock, glam and early electronics.

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Haus Of Paine

Andrew Paine presents a monthly smorgasbord of SW Radio, curate’s eggs, obscure 7″, spoken word, glam stomps, jazz squonk, prog madness and concepts that will blow your mind

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Obsessions with… John Robb

Legendary musician, pop-culture reporter and music journalist, John Robb, speaks with cultural icons across music, art, politics, literature and film – you name it! – about their passions and phobias, exploring the connection between these obsessions and the work they are best known for.

Obsessions w/ John Robb

Produced by Andrew Paine & Sophie Porter.


Paine Full Podcast

The Paine Full Podcast is a collection of scraps… archived interviews, loose conversations, provocations and half-realised ideas.

Episode 1 – Richard Youngs

In this first episode, Andrew unearths an interview with musician and library assistant, Richard Youngs.

Dating from 2018 and recorded on a sunny Monday morning over a cup of strong coffee… Richard talks about early music lessons, collaborating with Neil Campbell and Simon Wickham-Smith in the 1990’s, early solo projects, our mutual love of progressive rock music and the low-down on playing music with your feet!

The Paine Full Podcast with… Richard Youngs

Episode 2 – Pat Fish

In this second episode, Andrew unearths an interview with musician, Pat Fish of The Jazz Butcher.

Dating from 2018 and recorded at ‘Fishy Mansions’ in Northampton… Pat talks about academic life in Oxford, his friendship with Rolo McGinty, The Sonic Tonix, The Jazz Butcher’s first album, ‘In Bath Of Bacon’, life on the road and the recording of ‘Cult Of The Basement’.

The Paine Full Podcast with… Pat Fish

Episode 3 – John Robb

In this third episode, Andrew speaks with musician (The Membranes, Goldblade), writer & journalist, John Robb, about the legacy of Glam Rock.

During our stomping conversation, we discuss the originators of Glam… Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Slade, The Sweet, Mott The Hoople, Suzi Quatro and… Mud.

We reminisce over first Glam memories and decipher the Glam ‘template’… the handclaps, the Les Paul guitars, the ‘glitter’ beat and the celebration of all things camp.

The Paine Full Podcast – Episode 3 with John Robb


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