Space Weather

“With Space Weather’s music you can either choose to descend into the gentle flicker patterns of Lakia’s cabin or float above the nightscapes of Scotland’s glittering and smoky towns. Keep watching the skies…” (Scott McKeating)

Space Weather – Space Weather

Debut album released on Space Weather Recordings (BwbW01) in June 2009 in an edition of 100. Pro-duplicated colour printed discs, pro-printed artwork. (SOLD OUT)

Space Weather – Space Weather

Space Weather – Low Earth

‘Low Earth’, was the eagerly-awaited second album by Scottish astral voyagers, Space Weather, released on 1 March 2010, again on the band’s own label, Space Weather Recordings (BwbW 02). 

Following on from 2009’s eponymous debut, the trio of Caroline McKenzie (electric guitar), Brian Lavelle (synthesizer) and Andrew Paine (electric bass guitar) build upon the strengths of that earlier stellar outing to create a darker, more dense album in ‘Low Earth’, which is truly progressive in nature. 

The album was limited to 100 copies only (SOLD OUT)

Space Weather – Low Earth

Space Weather – The Weather’s Maiden

“The Weather’s Maiden” was released in 2010, on Matthew Shaw’s Apollolaan Recordings, in the format of a 3″cdr with original hand painted covers on all 60 hand numbered and assembled copies.

Space Weather – The Weather’s Maiden

“As we approach the Solstice, and are faced with frosts and snow, a wonderful display of the bright moon and stars lighting up the night sky we give you Space Weather as your soundtrack.” Apollolaan Recordings

Compilation – The Continuing Saga Of The Visiting Kitten

The Continuing Saga of the Visiting Kitten (Artwork by Andrew Paine)

Space Weather contributed ‘They Migrate Over Time’ to ‘ The Continuing Saga Of The Visiting Kitten’; a compilation CDR featuring artists who had appeared on Paine’s Sonic Oyster Records label. Released in 2009.

The album was co-produced with musician and friend, Brian Lavelle and released on a conjunct of their two labels – Sonic Dust Recordings. All proceeds of the album went to the UK Cat Protection.


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