The Domestiques

The Domestiques are Andrew Paine and Kevin McCarvel

The Domestiques were formed by chance when Kevin McCarvel and Andrew Paine agreed to play a gig that neither of the bandmates from their respective projects could fulfill. Pleased with the hastily assembled collaboration it was agreed they would continue, leading them to perform live together again as part of Andrew Paine’s Tectonics Festival performance in 2019.

As the Tectonics live recording was tied up in BBC red tape rendering it unreleasable, the pair retreated into Paine’s new basement studio, The Extension, setting to work on Vol.1. Despite the studio once belonging to long running Scottish folk band Capercaillie, and buried underground within intersecting ley lines of the Third Eye Centre, Clive’s Incredible Folk Club (birthplace of the Incredible String Band) and Glasgow’s fountain of knowledge The Mitchell Library, absolutely nothing of these energies rubbed off. Instead the tracks are infused with deeper darker lying roots. Guitars more in tune with the energies of 70s rock and Japanese psych and electronics akin to late 70s / early 80s industrial experimenters.

Vol.1 heralds the first reportage from The Domestiques underworld studio and adds a new name to the Glasgow experimental music lineage.


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