The Flexibles

The Flexibles are the trio of Richard Youngs and his son Sorley plus Scottish underground music veteran Andrew Paine. 

Pink Everything – Night School Records

The Flexibles – Pink Everything

Limited to 300 only, Pink Vinyl with insert and download. 
Released 1 July, 2016

“The Flexibles are a Punk Rock Band. The Flexibles bend space and time, flex your head, space your Punk, a jarring lightning bolt of truth to the heart of the matter. Comprised of Richard Youngs, his young son Sorley Youngs and family friend Andrew Paine, they operate within Glasgow city limits, outsiders in an outsider culture. 

Swirling around the wild, searing guitar playing and cosmically infused songwriting of Sorley, The Flexibles’ Pink Everything is a concept album of sorts, on the surface a narrative about space travel, the state of the human race in the modern Acopalyx. While vicious in its take down of humanity’s own death-drive, the subtext of Pink Everything describes a world where anything is possible. Perhaps the Acopalyx, or Apocalypse, needs to happen for us to be re-born. Anything can be Pink. 

Over both sides, The Flexibles depict a realm where fantasy and reality are inexplicably fused together… Sorley’s lyrical flourishes touch on the stream-of- conciousness imagery that seems to be swimming in the Youngs genepool, but there are dashes of real life. When I Was 86 has Sorley tearing modern living apart both from the perspective of the anti-hero Arcosta – an alien visitor to Earth but also from his own perspective as a young man making sense of a reality that needs changed. Smothered by Richard’s electronics and the super- massive fuzz bass of Paine, it’s a radical stomper. 

Album opener Pink Everything however, offers the flip: a distorted, crazed sermon that essentially asks Why Not? Why can’t everything be pink, true and truthful. Side B comprises a suite chronicling Arcosta’s journey, struggling to comprehend the things we do; capitalism, the endless grind of work-play, the rituals that to extra terrestrials and indeed to children unaffected by cynicism seem meaningless. 

As a power trio, The Flexibles blow apart pre-conceptions, burn down barriers and paint them pink. The Flexibles believe anything can be possible and embody an ultimate creative freedom, unencumbered by age barriers, limits. Anything can be Pink.” Michael Kasparis (Head Honcho – Night School Records)

The Flexibles – Cities Of The Narrow Universe

Nyali Recordings – 7″ limited to 250 copies

“The flexibles are a repeat-riff power trio of andrew paine, richard youngs and sorley youngs, playing kraut-jams and out-of-step beats over cracked or soaring vocals on ‘oh volcanio’, and rumbles and electronic mulch on ‘different kinda face’ and ‘day mantra’. they alternate between grubby low-end riffs and a sparser electronic sound, all imbued with the classic youngs/youngs/paine feel.” Kevin McCarvel (Head Honcho, Nyali Recordings)

Copies of ‘Cities’ can be purchased directly from Nyali Recordings at

The Flexibles (Richard Youngs, Sorley Youngs, Andrew Paine) live at Volcanic Tongue Saturday, 22 March 2014.

The Flexibles – Volcanic Tongue In-Store Appearance
The Flexibles – Volcanic Tongue
The Flexibles – Volcanic Tongue

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