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The Configuration (For Sybren) – Photo by Andrew Paine

Andrew Paine has put his entire back catalogue onto bandcamp.

Many of these albums were originally recorded for limited edition CD runs, on small bespoke independent labels, such as ‘Sirenwire Editions’, ‘Apollolaan Records’, ‘Dust, Unsettled’, ‘Quiet World’ and Andrew’s own ‘Sonic Oyster Records’ label.

Re-released onto bandcamp – often with additional bonus tracks and demos – and incorporating original artwork, the work is now available to a wider audience, whether to stream, purchase or browse.

Andrew continues to record exclusively to his bandcamp page and updates can be found on the NEWS page.

In addition, Andrew has released 3 solo albums on Dave Barker’s Glass Records label:

Sky Movers Must Fight On (Glass Redux)

Andrew Paine – Sky Movers Must Fight On
Artwork by Plastic Crimewave aka Steve Krakow

‘Sky Movers Must Fight On’ is Andrew’s first release for Glass Redux. Its short-sharp futuristic bursts capture Paine monologuing to the electronic horizon. Dada with beats. Mixed by Reuben Bough. 

Released on CD and available in digital format

Half Real Man (Glass Miniatures)

Andrew Paine – Half Real Man (Glass Miniatures)
Artwork by Plastic Crimewave aka Steve Krakow

Andrew Paine returns with the follow up to his 2016 CD on Glass Redux, Sky Movers Must Fight On’, with ‘Half Real Man’ – 12 short-sharp futuristic bursts like a cross between Todd Rundgren’s ‘A Treatise On Cosmic Fire’ shrunk down and added to the score for West Side Story by John Carpenter, vibrating on and on for ever and ever past the electronic horizon… or something. More Beats with more dada. Mixed by Reuben Bough.

Octopus (Glass Miniatures)

Andrew Paine – Octopus

‘Octopus’ is 11 artfully crafted electronic minatures, for stylophone, FX and a bucket of water.


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