Turds of the Reformation

Turds of the Reformation (Design by Sybren Renema)

Turds of the Reformation is a fully synthetic collective dedicated to Renaissance obscenity.

Diet Of Worms

Turds of the Reformation – Diet of Worms

Diet of Worms was recorded on site in Haus 99, Basel, during Art Basel, using 16th-century insults for its lyrics and reimagining these as hardcore punk.

released August 4, 2016 

Andrew Paine: voice, guitar, piano, radio, field recordings, drums 

Sybren Renema: voice, saxophone, xylophone, drums, accordion, synthesiser, drum computer, field recordings, smashed TVs


Noms d’Oiseaux

Rabelaisian lyrics re-invented as late 60s sexy French music.

released September 6, 2016 

Morgane Duss – voice, theremin, keyboards, drum computer 
Andrew Paine – beats, bleeps and voice 
Sybren Renema – little instruments, theremin, keyboards, drum computer, saxophones and voice


The Chaucer Years

Turds of the Reformation – The Chaucer Years

‘The Chaucer Years’ is a live recording, taken from a session on Radiophrenia, 2017.

Radiophrenia was a temporary art radio station – a two-week exploration into current trends in sound and transmission arts. It was broadcast live from Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts, aiming to promote radio as an art form, encouraging challenging and radical new approaches to the medium.

‘The Chaucer years’ features Richard Youngs as ‘gunslinger for hire’. He is credited as ‘Richard the Turd’ on the album.

Strong Belgian beer was consumed during the recording of this session, which may account for the looseness of the material.


Sybren Renema, Richard Youngs, Andrew Paine… Belgian Beer
Turds of the Reformation… ‘The Chaucer Years’ session on Radiophrenia, 2017


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